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About Us :

This group is formed by few technically strong and influential people as a first step in understanding the SME market. The key players are freelancing professionals backed by sizeable full time team. Currently we are in the edge of freelancing to full time mode. As we grow, we all will be full time players with a vision to put forth our capabilities and serve towards win-win goals.

Initially we were just focusing on small technical assignments and slowly we have grown to cover any IT technical requirement by SME's. We now have the capability to address any stage of IT development cycle viz. requirements gathering till deployment and support.

To support our goal we have a blended team of technology specialists, business & functional specialists and process leaders. For more information on technical capability and service offerings, please check on the respective screens.

What we are?

Technically strong group of professionals with good moral and passion for what we do. With an average experience of the team around 10 years, we are sound on the hot functional domains as well.

We are a very nascent group of like minded professionals with a good blend of agile thoughts and process orientation.

The group members are hand picked (!) to suit the common goals. Yeah we know you are wondering how were the first members hand picked - it follows the same theory as egg or chicken first! All have a wide range of technical and functional expertise.

Moral, Knowledge & Passion

We'd in fact like to put moral first. It is not just the commitment that we term as moral. Its more, and few key attributes are (of course) commitment(!), professional ethics, sincerity, responsibility, pro-activeness....

Knowledge of the various key technologies, best practices, standards, techniques etc are our core strengths. We are committed to share, grow, utilize and transfer this knowledge appropriately.

We are driven by our passion to achieve commendable goals and contribute to the IT world. We have a never ending thirst to reach higher and higher...

Welcome to Mukapu

We are a group of freelancing professionals, fully loaded with energy and passion for what we do. Our key focus is to provide solution, services and support to the SME segment..