Accounts Groups

A/C Group Group Name Nature of Group From Number To Number Status Action
Capital Account Capital Account LIabilities 10000 19999 A
Current Assets Current Assets Assets 50000 50999 A
Current Liabilities Current Liabilities Liabilities 30000 30200 A
Direct Expenses Direct Expenses Profit and Loss 60000 69999 A
Direct Incomes Direct Incomes Profit and Loss Account 80000 89999 A
Fixed Assets Fixed Assets Assets 40000 49999 A
Indiect Expenses Indirect Expenses Profit and Loss 70000 79999 A
Inirect Incomes Inirect Incomes Profit and Loss 85000 89999 A
Investments Investments Assets 52001 52999 A
Loans Loans Liabilities 30201 39999 A
Loans and Advances Loans and Advances Assets 51001 52000 A